Sometimes, the situation calls for some homemade bug spray. Whether it’s because you don’t want to spray chemicals on your skin, you don’t have access to traditional bug spray, or because you just want to do some MacGyvering, you can easily make some homemade bug spray.

Homemade bug sprays can be just as effective as the real thing, and in some cases, they can be safer too. But what makes a homemade bug spray so effective? After all, you can’t just turn anything into bug spray and provide effective tick control elizabeth city.

How does Bug Spray Work?

Insect repellent does two things. It covers up the carbon dioxide that you produce regularly because that’s what bugs are attacked to in the first place. It also produces an odor that smells bad for bugs, so they stay away from you.

Homemade repellent needs to do the same thing, which is why most people make their spray out of essential oils.

Using Essential Oils

A good base for any homemade bug spray is essential oils. These oils not only make you smell nice, but they also keep the bugs away. You can use anything from citrus oil, lemon eucalyptus, thyme essential oil, and cinnamon oil just to name a few.

Diluting Essential Oils

However, most essential oils can be very concentrated so they’ll need to be diluted. Most dilution can be achieved by mixing the oil with water, and then it is safe to use on your skin. Never use undiluted oils on your skin, as that can cause more problems than the bug bites!

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Homemade bug spray can be a great product that gives you total control over what goes on your skin. Plus, if you keep the bugs away you won’t have to call.